February 25, 2019

Buddy Cummings (CEO) and wife Nikki (President) of World Wind & Solar have built one of the nation’s largest & fastest growing independent service companies using a very simple mindset: Here to Serve. According to Nikki Cummings, “This is more than our vision statement, it is the beating heart of WWS. In addition to serving the needs of our clients and industry, we have made the commitment to invest in our employees. This investment extends beyond the expected technical training required to operate or maintain a wind or solar farm. This training encompasses leadership, customer service and critical thinking. Above and beyond all others, safety awareness and technical training is the absolute priority. At the end of the day we know, it’s our people that make the difference.”

Years ago, Buddy and Nikki were moved by a sincere sense of community and social responsibility – to “think outside the box” – by leaving their own successful business careers behind and creating a unique business model within the sustainable energy industry.

In 2007, they established WWS in Tehachapi, CA also known as the birthplace of the wind industry in North America. At the outset, they worked side-by-side with their fellow wind techs in the construction of wind farms. Just as their vision was coming within sight, as some may recall, the Renewable Industry endured “a slight setback” also known as the PTC (Production Tax Credit) expiration. Long story short, WWS, along with many other Renewable Energy companies, were faced with hard choices. The choices were simple: pull back, hunker down or throttle up.

Rather than laying off their crews, which they consider their “extended families”, Buddy and Nikki doubled down. They drained their own bank accounts, extended their credit lines and eventually expanded into the service, maintenance and operations of both wind and solar facilities. Today, the company employees hundreds of wind and solar technicians located across the country supporting the industry’s largest project Owners, O&M Companies and OEM’s.

This month’s AWEA Wind O&M and Safety Conference in San Diego will feature the latest technical training innovation, The WWS Mobile University. This 60’ mobile training center will be on display and offer partner demonstrations with nationally-recognized, Tech Safety Lines. This fully equipped facility brings all the expert instructors, simulators and hands-on experience to the most distant and remote locations. Go to https://wws1.wpengine.com/training/mobile-university-technician-training/ to learn more.