WWS Launches New Technical Wind Services

October 14, 2020

As part of its long-term growth strategy, World Wind and Solar (WWS), a leader in repair and maintenance services for utility-scale renewable wind, solar, and energy storage system (ESS) assets, today announced the addition of critical new services for customers that own or operate wind farms. WWS has created a new Specialized Services division within its Wind business to address the needs of wind system owners and operators facing numerous challenges in optimizing turbines to operate at their maximum potential.

Speaking about the new range of services, VP of Business Development Daryl Ragsdale, said, “World Wind and Solar has built our reputation on quality, safety, and our ability to provide cost-effective solutions. We are now adding a whole new dimension to our ability to support our customers with these advanced capabilities.” WWS has already begun performing these specialized scopes of work for customers which include:

  • Large Corrective Repairs (including Generator Replacement, Gearbox Exchange, Bearings, and Blade Exchange)
  • Blade Repair and Composite Services​
  • Engineered Solutions (including DFIG Conversions, Re-Powering, and Field Engineering Support) ​
  • Turbine Spare Parts (including Replacement and Retrofit) ​
  • Full supply chain and inventory management capabilities through warehouse based in Midwest
  • Safety Program Development and Implementation

Wind ServicesTo deliver and build on this new capability, WWS has brought on a large team of dedicated technical experts, field engineers, large corrective specialist technicians, and supply chain professionals with decades of experience. In addition to the new staff, WWS is investing in the tools and equipment, safety professionals and processes, and enhanced training to bring these services to our valued customers.

In March of this year, WWS was acquired by Pearce Services which reinforced its mission as an independent service provider for critical infrastructure in the renewable energy industry. The leader of the renewables division for Pearce Services, Mark McLanahan commented, “The growth of our team at WWS and our industry has been extraordinary this year. Our integration with Pearce Services and the alignment in our mission to safely service our customers has made our platform stronger than ever and well-positioned to meet our customers’ expanding needs with these new technical capabilities.”

Each year WWS has met the rapid growth of the industry by enhancing its service capabilities and growing its team. With over 500 technicians now working in the field, WWS works tirelessly to serve our OEM, owner, and operator customers with an elite workforce. These new wind technical services are a natural evolution in the company’s ability to serve a diverse set of customers and extend the career path for its professionals.