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We are a wind turbine maintenance and operations company that offers cost-effective services and crew staffing for large-scale utility wind farm sites. We are a one-stop-shop that can address all project lifecycle phases and challenges related to construction, land management, troubleshooting, and O&M. 

Wind Services


  • Foundation grounding and conduit installations
  • FAA light installations
  • Tower wiring
  • Medium voltage terminations and splicing
  • Low voltage terminations
  • Grounding
  • Fiber optic installations and terminations
  • Transformer testing
  • VLF testing
  • TTR/Transformer performance testing


  • Civil (roads, foundations, pedestals)
  • All concrete work
  • Electrical up tower
  • Electrical down tower
  • Collector system
  • Tower erection
  • MCC (mechanical completion)
  • Commissioning



Case Study: Getting 294 Wind Turbines Back Online

Location: Kansas | Number of Turbines: 294 | Energy Capability: 470MW

wind turbine maintenance - World Wind & Solar delivers wind maintenance services in Pratt, KS

Initiative #1: Accelerating the scheduled wind turbine maintenance services for a large wind farm, and delivering diversified maintenance and repair services under one contract.

Initiative #2: Working with the client to reduce their operating cost while maintaining the aggressive maintenance schedule and meeting safety and quality standards.

A large wind farm in Pratt, Kansas that was comprised of 294 wind turbines, covering over 33 miles from end to end, needed a new Independent Service Provider (ISP) to take over the annual and semiannual scheduled wind turbine maintenance and other punch list items. After a series of setbacks impacted the farm’s wind turbine maintenance activities, the site’s power production was compromised. Needing to increase the site power production, accelerate the maintenance activities and maintain the high safety and quality standards set by the OEM and project owners, World Wind & Solar was hired and deployed.

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wind turbine maintenance - World Wind Solar delivers wind maintenance services in Pratt, KSWithin the first 30 months, World Wind & Solar had deployed 5 fully staffed maintenance crews and were steadily catching up on the maintenance schedule. The staggered addition of crews allowed the OEM and the site owners to meter their needs and thus manage their operating budget.  World Wind & Solar was brought in to fulfill a list of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities normally provided by a leading wind ISP. The wind farm owner was understandably nervous about delays and revenue loss while the OEM on-boarded a new team. Fortunately, World Wind & Solar’s reputation for meeting deadlines, creative problem solving and professionally trained crews gave all key stakeholders the confidence to move forward and the results supported that decision.  

Initially, World Wind & Solar brought in traveling crews based out of California. These technicians had experience on the current OEM platform and were graduates of the World Wind & Solar “Safe Maintenance” Training Program at our Tehachapi, CA Corporate office and training facility. We designed, developed and implemented our own comprehensive technical training program covering topics such as fundamentals in wind turbine components, tooling maintenance services, major components familiarization, electrical systems and mechanical safety and training. By deploying well-trained teams with the most advanced tooling, our crews could take on this wind turbine project knowing exactly what to expect, and how to handle it quickly without sacrificing the quality of work. Our crews took care of the major issues, brought wind turbine maintenance up-to-speed, and got the site back online in record time.

With the wind turbine maintenance back on track and the site’s overall performance stabilized, World Wind & Solar worked with site management and their corporate team to identify cost-savings opportunities. With the award of a long-term contract, we agreed to open a regional branch where traveling technicians could be exchanged for locals, thus reducing travel, per diem and R&R cost. To accomplish this, we utilized our Hire-Train-Retain (HTR) program to identify and vet candidates with the right attitude and technical aptitude required to maintain the safety and quality culture established at this project. HTR works by first having technicians graduate our Safe Maintenance- program and then being partnered with veteran World Wind & Solar technicians to achieve their 400 hours of successful maintenances before moving into more technical training. This program allowed World Wind & Solar to develop teams of competent technicians comprised of locals or those willing to relocate, and who also possessed World Wind & Solar’s “Here to Serve” attitude.

We worked closely with our client to understand the challenges they faced when working with wind ISP personnel, and then worked with the community to establish a local presence that offered career opportunities. We also sourced supplies from local companies to further support the local community.  World Wind & Solar accomplished all this without jeopardizing the schedule, quality of work, or safety of workers. We have been recognized by our OEM client and the site ownership for our safety culture, the quality of our technicians, attention to detail and ability to handle almost any challenge presented to us.

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WWS is a leader in utility and commercial scale wind operations and maintenance. We provide services to a diversified client portfolio of companies, including some of the largest

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wind projects in the world.

Our Wind division provides safety-trained local and traveling technicians for electrical and mechanical construction, third-party QA/QC inspection, and wind farm operations and maintenance.

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According to AWEA, wind turbine (O&M) represents a growing segment in the wind energy industry. Wind turbines can provide large amounts of electricity, cleanly and reliably, at prices

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competitive with legacy electricity sources – but only if they are properly operated and maintained.

At WWS, we are meeting the needs of the wind energy industry, today and well into the future, by cultivating the industry’s best and brightest workforce. An informed and focused workforce can proactively optimize operations and circumvent problems, minimizing unscheduled down time by anticipating and rectifying issues before problems occur.

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To consistently deliver peak performance, we strive to hire the right people, train them to safely perform various tasks and provide them a long term career in the renewable

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industry. WWS employs hundreds of experienced wind turbine professionals equipped with the right tools, training, and product expertise for a broad range of turbine models and related utility based technologies and tasks.

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A Solid Portfolio of Project Performance

Our portfolio of projects includes wind farm engagements delivered across North America. View map

National presence - World Wind & Solar's project location map

Focus on the Future of Wind Energy (O&M)

According to AWEA, as of 2016, the U.S. wind energy industry has installed more than 82,000 megawatts of wind projects, and has accumulated millions of hours of wind turbine operation and maintenance experience. In the past five years $40 billion worth of wind installations in the United States fell out of warranty, thrusting the financial risk on owners to provide cost-effective operation and maintenance. And in the next 20 years, the United States will require more than 100,000 additional wind turbines to supply 20 percent of the nation’s electricity.

WWS – Our Crews are “Here to Serve” the Wind Industry, Today and Long into The Future.


At WWS – Safety is Mandatory. We have developed, and vigorously enforce, comprehensive workplace safety practices that ensure a safe work environment for all. Every employee, staff or crew is required to attend safety training programs

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and be familiar with all OSHA safety regulations and accident prevention procedures. Our safety initiatives consistently strive to enhance our safety culture. Ongoing safety awareness is reinforced through regular safety assessment and risk management efforts. As a member of numerous safety organizations and auditing programs, WWS is committed to sustaining a world class safety culture, one that always places the highest priority on the safety of our people, the public, the assets we service and the environment.

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Cultivating excellence requires ongoing staff development, education, and hands on training to consistently meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry. We make sure our wind crews are ready today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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WWS training programs keep all crew members up to speed on the latest innovations. Crew members are also recognized and incentivized for professional growth and responsibility.

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Our “Here to Serve” philosophy informs what we do and how we do it, every single day. It ensures that each team member has the tools, training, and expertise to deliver exceptional results for our partner clients on an ongoing or on-demand basis.

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