Wind Turbine Repair and Maintenance

Wind turbine repair is one of the most expensive costs impacting wind farms. The labor combined with the cost of replacing turbine components can claim a large percentage of a farm’s annual O&M budget. When most of the budget is claimed by turbine repair costs, it limits the resources devoted to special projects, design modifications and more. One method for mitigating turbine repair costs is to perform scheduled maintenance, typically bi-annually. Performing routine scheduled maintenance limits major component failure and increases availability. Proper maintenance will typically deliver a 50% savings on turbine repair costs.

Up-tower maintenance and repairs tend to present more danger and challenges as technicians will often be working near electrical, rotational, hydraulic and gravitational energies. This is why highly-skilled technicians trained in wind turbine repair and vertical safety are key.

wind turbine repair - WWS provides wind turbine repair services nationwide
WWS crews are experienced in wind turbine repair and maintenance and have completed our custom-developed Safe Maintenance Program™. The Safe Maintenance Program™ is a specialized training program designed by WWS that provides students with real-world, hands-on experience. Our facility houses a wind turbine drivetrain as well as DTA cabinet, controllers, switch gears and other electrical components on which our technicians in training can gain knowledge and understanding. When our technicians ascend the turbines in the field to perform repairs, they are equipped with the knowledge to fix a variety of platforms and correctly identify unanticipated problems in the gearbox, all while practicing the highest of safety precautions.

WWS can work with your O&M vendor or fully manage your wind turbine maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today to learn how we can provide dependable and cost-effective solutions for your utility-scale wind farm. To see our full menu of Wind Services, click here.


  • Large Component Replacement
  • Advanced Troubleshooting & Repairs
  • Slip-Ring Replacements
  • Lubrication, Cleaning, Torqueing and Gen-Alignments
  • Other Repairs & Maintenance as needed

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