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The cost of operations and maintenance (O&M) requires a large allocation from a wind farm’s budget. When wind turbine components fail under warranty, it’s easy and cheap to work with the OEM to repair. But when components are off-warranty, replacement parts are expensive and can cost wind farms millions of dollars. In addition to the exorbitant cost of parts, wind farms lose money with every minute a turbine is offline. To expedite maintenance and cut expenses, hiring a Wind ISP (Independent Service Provider) is an effective solution.

WWS is a leading Wind ISP, providing O&M services for wind farms. Our technicians are trained in advanced technology solutions and skilled in an array of wind farm maintenance services, including electronics repair, hydraulics, precision maintenance, and diagnostic testing. Our teams can repair turbine components rapidly and efficiently, sparing you the cost of replacement parts and getting turbines online as quickly as possible.

wind ISP - WWS is a leading wind ISP nationwide

WWS crews are students of our Hire-Train-Retain (HTR) Program, which was designed to teach skills that weren’t being taught towind ISP - WWS is a leading wind ISP in Pratt, KS workers entering the renewable energy industry. From the HTR Program, our technicians are trained to perform wind O&M tasks that span the gamut of turbine and site maintenance, ensuring no issue is left unmitigated and delivering a cost-effective workforce that is grounded in the WWS “Here to Serve” culture. Our goal as a Wind ISP is to deliver the highest in customer care and repair turbine components so that they surpass performance standards and are fully operational for longer than expected. Our crews can provide support for your current O&M staff or fully manage wind O&M responsibilities. Contact us today to learn how we can provide reliable and affordable Wind ISP and technician services for your wind farm. To see our full menu of Wind Services, click here.


  • BOP management and maintenance of facilities
  • Skilled manpower
  • Full site operation
  • Electrical inspection testing
  • Repair and replacement
  • Mechanical completion (MCC)
  • EOW (end of warranty inspections)
  • Welding (up tower and down tower)
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Major corrective maintenance
  • Design modifications and/or retrofits
  • Bolt tensioning and bolt torqueing

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