FAA Light Installation for Wind Turbines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict rules for obstruction lighting on wind turbines. To ensure compliance, wind farms must adhere appropriate lighting to turbines at precise distances per FAA rules. The lighting attached to turbines must be able to endure the elements, possess synchronized flashing, have low energy consumption, and abide by the environmental regulations of the wind industry.

Along with FAA light installation for wind turbines, monitoring and reporting of broken lighting are mandatory. When a turbine top light or a flashing obstruction light fails for more than 30 minutes, the failure must be reported immediately to the Automated Flight Service Station local to the wind farm’s location.

FAA Light Installation for wind turbines - WWS provides light installation on wind turbines per FAA guidelines

WWS can help with FAA light installation strategy, deployment, monitoring, and reporting. Our crews are versed in the various FAAFAA Light Installation for wind energy - WWS provides light installation on turbines per FAA guidelines regulations impacting turbine lights, as well as the local authorities that oversee compliance. We design strategies that comply with all regulations, use lights that stand up to all weather systems, and go up-tower to safely install lights with robust connection techniques. After installation, we can work with your O&M provider or fully manage monitoring, reporting, and maintenance of the turbine lighting system. WWS crews are graduates of the WWS Safe Maintenance Programâ„¢, which trains technicians in the latest and universally-accepted electrical safety practices and up-tower safety procedures.

Our FAA light installation crews are also cross-trained in wind turbine repair; when they are up-tower attaching the lights, they are trained to review other components on the nacelle and report and repair failing parts.

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  • Light strategy & installation
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Monitoring & Reporting to the local Automated Flight Service Station
  • Light repairs and reattachments
  • Light synchronization with GPS
  • Quarterly inspections to ensure compliance

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