Balance of Plant Management for Wind Farms

To maximize a wind farm’s energy output and keep operational costs low, Balance of Plant management for wind farms is crucial. The services that fall into BOP Management & Maintenance include all upkeep aspects of the wind farm, excluding the turbines. Though turbine maintenance is important, wind farms must also tend their surroundings to obtain peak performance.

WWS can work with your current O&M vendor or fully manage your BOP Management needs. Contact us today to learn how we can provide dependable and cost-effective BOP Management and wind farm maintenance solutions for your utility-scale wind farm. To see our full menu of Wind Services, click here.

Here is a rundown of all components WWS manages and maintains under our BOP services:

balance of plant management for wind farms - WWS provides BOP Management in Pratt, KS

Vegetation Control
WWS services include removal of tumbleweeds and brush, prevention of invasive plants, mowing and tree removal, and more. Proper vegetation control at wind farm sites promotes easy access to turbines and prevents exacerbated land management costs down the line.

Crane Pads & Hard Standings
Crane pads and hard standings are important for easy installation and maintenance of the wind turbine. They provide a strong, solid base for cranes and other heavy equipment that lift components up-tower.

Foundations for turbines are key elements at any wind farm. It is critical that the concrete is poured carefully to prevent cracking and ensure quality. WWS provides gravity, pile reinforced, and other foundation types.

Substation Civil and Electrical Maintenance
This service covers maintenance of all components of the substation structure from foundations, plumbing for cables, walls and roofs, and electrical. WWS ensures that all systems and facilities in the substation are operating efficiently.


  • Vegetation Control
  • Crane pads & Hard Standings
  • Foundations
  • Substation Civil and Electrical Maintenance
  • Road Repairs and Construction
  • Cabling to the Substation and Grid
  • Point of Connection Maintenance
  • SCADA Maintenance
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • Sitewide Drainage
  • Ground Investigation
  • Ground Risk
  • Topographic Surveying

All Wind Services

balance of plant management for wind farms - WWS provides BOP Management for wind farms nationwideRoad Repairs and Construction
Roads are important for access to the wind farm and its turbine location sites. WWS crews create access roads per the requirements of the wind farm and the construction equipment that is needed.  Our crews also clear roads that have become impassable due to flooding, debris, fallen trees and rock slides.

Cabling to the Substation and Grid
WWS manages the cabling from the turbines to the substation and grid. We can connect the components with overhead or underground cabling, and handle repairs should damage occur.

Point of Connection Maintenance
This includes the commissioning of all the components required for the connection to the distribution network. This includes hardware such as switches, reinforcements, and supports like protection and measuring elements.

SCADA Maintenance
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is an industrial control system for monitoring and controlling remote operations of wind turbines and associated components in real time. WWS maintains and repairs SCADA systems when they fail, and we are adept at reading their data.

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