Solar Panel Removal & Recycling for Utility-Scale Solar Sites

Solar panels are hard to recycle and require specialty skills to remove. Improper disposal can result in toxin leakage, fines from environmental agencies, and can jeopardize client contracts that mandate proper disposal. When ignored and left to rot, defunct panels prevent the installation of new systems and decrease production.

World Wind & Solar offers solar panel removal and recycling of the decommissioned panels to ensure your solar site is in compliance and is equipped for maximum output.

Our process starts with WWS coming to your site to dismantle decommissioned panels and arrays. We do this without disturbing panels that are being used for production. During this process, we can also provide panel replacement, panel cleaning, IR scanning, and IV curve tracing on panels remaining on the site.

Solar Panel Removal - WWS provides nationwide solar panel removal & recycling services

After we take defunct panels off your site we provide you with a Certification of Destruction. The parts never end up in the landfill; instead, sola panel removal and recycling - WWS provides nationwide services to remove solar panelsthe metals are recycled, and parts reused to refurbish broken systems. Our solar panel recycling and removal process follows federal regulations and has no impact on the surrounding ecology of your solar site. To learn more about our nationwide Solar Panel Recycling and Removal services, please contact us.


  • Solar Panel & Array Removal
  • Solar Panel & Array Recycling
  • Panel replacement
  • Panel Cleaning
  • Infrared Scanning
  • IV Curve Tracing
  • Certification of Destruction

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