Solar Inverter Maintenance for Utility-Scale Solar Farms

Solar power inverters require regular maintenance by specialized technicians. Solar inverter maintenance is required to keep the component in compliance with the warranty, prevent irreparable damage, and ensure the solar system maximizes energy output. When not maintained, a full replacement of a solar inverter is typically one of the highest expenses for a solar farm, costing $200,000 or more depending on the warranty and level of support. This does not include the lost revenue and the service fee to replace the down inverter. However, due to the many varied inverter systems on the market, technicians skilled in repairing a solar farm’s specific inverter models can be hard to come by. Additionally, inverter maintenance requires the highest levels of safety precautions due to their relationship with electricity; careless repair work can result in OSHA violations, injury, or death.

solar inverter maintenance - WWS delivers solar inverter maintenance for solar farms

World Wind & Solar understands the safety and skill challenges of proper inverter maintenance. Our crews are trained to repair a wide solar inverter maintenance - WWS provides solar inverter maintenance solutionsrange of inverter brands and models on the market today and we quickly mobilize to do so.  WWS internal technical and safety training programs provide guidance, training, and safety protocols when working with solar inverters.

WWS is experienced in reading the data relayed from inverters to determine the location and urgency of the maintenance required. We can work with your current O&M vendor or fully manage your solar inverter maintenance needs. Contact us today to learn how we can provide dependable and cost-effective inverter maintenance solutions for your utility-scale solar farm. To see our full menu of Solar Services, click here.


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