Solar Farm Mowing - World Wind & Solar provides solar farm mowing and land management services

Solar Farm Mowing for Utility-Scale Solar Sites

Solar farm mowing and vegetation maintenance at utility-scale solar farms is often an overlooked task, but it can lead to expensive repairs and negatively impact energy production if not managed. Weed overgrowth can block the sun, permit invasive plant species to take root, and provide an ideal environment for poisonous snakes, spiders, and vermin. When left unattended, the vegetation at a solar farm becomes a big threat to production.

World Wind & Solar specializes in utility-scale solar farm mowing and land management. Our trained crews are skilled in vegetation management and abatement and understand the care required when working with expensive solar panels and equipment.

WWS crews are also trained in the Inspection of Watch program, a WWS developed program that cross-trains our land crews with solar O&M skills so they can act as another set of eyes in the field. This cross-training results in early detection of mechanical or electrical issues and expedites solutions that reduce component downtime.

WWS can work with your current O&M vendor or fully manage your solar farm mowing and land management needs.

solar farm mowing - World Wind & Solar provides solar farm mowing services for utility-scale solar farms


  • Removal and management of tumbleweeds and brush
  • Removal and management of weed overgrowth gathered under PV panels
  • Slope mowing and Hedge trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Herbicide Spraying
  • Hydro-seeding and Hydro-mulching
  • Landscape Installation
  • Customized mowing equipment that reduces time in the field, helping to prevent incidents of heat stroke and heat stress
  • Developing Custom Vegetation Management Action Plans

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