Skilled Technicians for Solar Energy Maintenance

The shortage of skilled technicians for solar energy maintenance is one of the biggest issues the solar energy industry faces. The industry’s rapid growth over the past decade has outpaced the workforce, leaving many companies struggling to find solar technicians that can accurately perform maintenance on solar systems.

WWS predicted the lack of skilled technicians for the renewable energy industry many years ago, and as a result, we developed our Hire-Train-Retain (HTR) program. The HTR program was designed to teach skills that weren’t being taught to workers entering the solar industry, such as inverter repair techniques across manufacturers, safety protocols when conducting solar electrical work, and cross-training across tasks to increase quality assurance and control. Our specialized program has filled an educational gap in the industry, helping our solar technicians obtain knowledge and expertise not available elsewhere.

solar energy maintenance - WWS provides solar energy maintenance services for solar farms

The HTR program has helped WWS develop crews that are well-versed and highly trained in solar energy maintenance. solar energy maintenance - WWS provides solar energy maintenance services for solar farmsOur technicians can perform a wide array of solar O&M tasks, delivering efficient and cost-effective technicians. WWS teams are familiar with various solar OEMs and components and are cross-trained in electrical component repair, landscape management, and the requirements of scheduled maintenance. Our crews are also trained to use the various repair and construction tools used today, allowing them to perform work with any equipment housed on the solar farm’s premises.

Our crews can provide support for your current O&M vendor or fully manage solar O&M responsibilities. WWS solar energy maintenance services can be delivered on an ongoing basis or as-needed, and emergency and call-out services are available.  Contact us today to learn how we can provide reliable and affordable technician solutions for your solar farm. To see our full menu of Solar Services, click here.


  • Electrical inspection, testing, repair, and replacement (low and medium voltage 35kv)
  • Welding (ARC, MIG, TIG, all metals)
  • Scheduled maintenance cycles and corrective maintenance
  • Large and small corrective
  • Design modifications and retrofits
  • Inverter and transformer preventative maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Transformer testing
  • VLF circuit testing

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