Erosion Control for Solar Farms

Erosion control is often an overlooked aspect of a solar farm’s land management program.  Soil and ground erosion is primarily caused by water and wind, and sudden erosion can have a devastating effect on a PV plant.  Loss of topsoil can result in a reshaping of the ground and the formation of channels, slopes, and holes.  This causes pylons and racking systems to shift, interfering with tracking systems, exposing electrical cabling, and washing out access roads, all diminishing the project’s power output.  Left alone, this damage could result in excessive flooding and destruction of major components. 

erosion control for solar farms - WWS provides erosion control services

World Wind & Solar crews are experienced in erosion control for solar farms through prevention and repair.  We understand the management and planning that is required to effectively mitigate erosion, and we account for aspects like native plant species, the climate, the amount of sun and shade, the site’s elevation, the amount of precipitation and the drainage potential of the site when we form an erosion control action plan. WWS can work with your O&M vendor or fully manage your erosion control and repair needs.

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  • Soil stabilization
  • Hydro-seed & Hydro-mulch installation
  • Dust suppression
  • Detention pond installation and repair
  • Erosion damage repair
  • Road work and drainage repair

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