We are passionate about investing in our employees and our training program provides them with an attainable career path, not just a job.

– Jim Atwood, WWS Learning and Development Manager

The latest innovation from WWS regarding wind and solar technical training is a travel-ready learning center called the WWS Mobile University. The Mobile University is a 60’ truck and trailer designed to deliver specialized technical training, site-specific, scope-specific or a variety of safety trainings directly to our WWS wind and solar technicians all over the country.

Mobile University Technician TrainingOur primary services are operating and maintaining utility-scale wind and solar farms across the US. Many of these projects reside in remote parts of the country presenting staffing challenges along with wind or solar resource profiles that are unique to their project, geography and topography. Our client list is as varied as our project and service profiles are. As an independent service provider, WWS clients include project Owners, OEMs, EPCs, Asset Managers and O&M providers. It’s not uncommon to find WWS supporting multiple clients on the same project performing a diverse scope of service.

To ensure we can meet the growing needs of the renewable industry and the evolving challenges our clients face daily, we developed and implemented our own internal training program. The WWS Training University launched in 2016, located at our corporate headquarters in Tehachapi, CA.Mobile University Technician Training This training program quickly became a valuable recruiting tool for finding and retaining the best technicians in the industry. With clients and projects all over the US we quickly realized we needed a mobile solution capable of training our techs on-site or within the various regions we service.

What was a good idea in 2017, became an aggressive goal in 2018 and is today a reality. The first-of-its-kind WWS Mobile University boasts two slide-outs, expanding the classroom size to support up to 12 participants. The rear section of the trailer is outfitted with the newest electrical, mechanical and hydraulic simulators, labs and specialized tooling. Drop-down workbenches are also available for hands-on labs, tooling demonstrations or custom training modules. In addition to technical training inside, the trailer is designed with a platform on the roof and ladder brackets to support training for working at heights, fall protection, and tower rescue.


  • Tech 1 (2 weeks / HTR)
  • Tech 2 Basic (1 week / critical thinking & troubleshooting)
  • Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW) & QEW recertification
  • 1st Aid / CPR / AED & recertification
  • Lockout – Tagout (LOTO) & recertification
  • Fall Protection & Rescue Authorized Person & recertification
  • Tower rescue & recertification
  • Procedural specific training (i.e., Torqueing & Tensioning)
  • Leadership training for crew leads
  • Leadership training for site leads
  • GWO certification training (expected certification Q2/19)
    • Basic Safety Training – 1st Aid / CPR / AED
    • Basic Safety Training – Fire Awareness
    • Basic Safety Training – Manual Handling
    • Basic Safety Training – Working at Heights
    • Basic Technical Training – Electricity
    • Basic Technical Training – Hydraulics
    • Basic Technical Training – Mechanical
Mobile University Technician Training - WWS's Mobile University travels across the U.S. to keep our techs trained in the latest in renewable energy technology
Mobile University Technician Training - WWS's Mobile University travels across the U.S. to keep our techs trained in the latest in renewable energy technology


  • AC/DC simulators
  • Hydraulic simulator
  • Troubleshooting simulator
  • Torqueing and Tensioning simulator
  • CPR/AED mannequin
  • Training AEDs
  • 1st Aid training mannequin
  • 1st Aid casualty training simulator
  • Working at heights platform with ladder and ladsafe
  • Climbing PPE and equipment
  • Tower rescue equipment (Tractel, Skylotec, and SPARK)
  • Rescue mannequin
  • E-RAD and Hytorc
  • Test equipment (multimeters, etc.)
  • Training computers
  • Large screen television
  • WIFI