With the growing demand for renewable energy maintenance services, WWS is committed to hiring and training qualified, safety-minded technicians. Our world-class in-house training programs equip our technicians with the latest safety and technical training available.

Mobile UniversityMobile University Training Trailer

WWS’s Mobile University is a traveling trailer that trains WWS technicians located across the United States in renewable energy maintenance. Read more about it on the Mobile University Technician Training page.

Safe Maintenance Program

WWS Safe Maintenance Program

The WWS Safe Maintenance Program provides several courses developed specifically for Wind & Solar asset preventative maintenance services. While much of the core curriculum is geared toward safety and technical training, we have included courses that are OEM & Scope specific.

Our program focuses on specific competencies, providing basic wind and solar fundamentals, component-level familiarization, electrical and mechanical training, QEW training, Inverter Maintenance and Troubleshooting and much more.  Our facility provides students with real world, hands-on experience with megawatt class wind turbines, central inverters, string inverters, switch gears and all levels of proper tool identification, usage and maintenance. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on a variety of wind and solar assets and platforms.

WWS is excited to announce our brand new, state of the art technical training center at the new corporate facility in Tehachapi, CA. This training center is equipped with MW class wind turbines, simulators, DTA’s, switch gears, central inverters, string inverters, simulators, troubleshooting stations and more.  If you find yourself in Tehachapi, give us a call to arrange a quick tour.


  • Tech 1 Wind & Solar (basic tools and procedures)
  • Tech 2 Wind & Solar (advanced procedures)
  • Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW) & QEW Recertification
  • First Aid / CPR / AED & Recertification
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) & Recertification
  • Fall Protection & Rescue Authorized Person & Recertification
  • Tower rescue & recertification
  • Procedural specific training (i.e., Torqueing & Tensioning)
  • Leadership Training for Site and Crew Leads
  • Equipment Specific Training (nacelles, inverters, switchgear, etc.)
  • GWO certification training (expected certification Q2/19)
    • Basic Safety Training – 1st Aid / CPR / AED
    • Basic Safety Training – Fire Awareness
    • Basic Safety Training – Manual Handling
    • Basic Safety Training – Working at Heights
    • Basic Technical Training – Electricity
    • Basic Technical Training – Hydraulics
    • Basic Technical Training – Mechanical
World Wind & Solar provides rigorous technician training for its crew members
World Wind & Solar provides rigorous technician training for its crew members


  • Satcon Inverter
  • ABB 1100 Inverter
  • SMA 880 Inverter
  • SMA Kodiac Inverter
  • Switchgear
  • 1.5 Nacelles (2)
  • 1.5 Hub
  • AC/DC Simulators
  • Hydraulic Simulator
  • Troubleshooting Simulator
  • Torqueing and Tensioning Simulator
  • Training AEDs
  • First Aid Training Mannequin
  • First Aid Casualty Training Simulator
  • Working at Heights Platform with Ladder and Ladsafe
  • Climbing PPE and Equipment
  • Tower Rescue Equipment (Tractel, Skylotec, SPARK)
  • E-RAD and Hytorc
  • Test Equipment (multimeters, etc.)