With the growing demand for renewable energy technicians, WWS is committed to hiring and training qualified, safety-minded technicians. Our world-class in-house training program equips our technicians with the latest safety and technical training available.

Safe Maintenance™ Program

The WWS Safe Maintenance™ Program provides 160 hours of safety and technical training. Our program focuses on specific competencies, providing basic wind and solar fundamentals, component-level familiarization, electrical and mechanical training.

Our facility provides students with real world, hands-on experience with a prototype 400kW turbine and gearbox. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge to perform maintenance on a variety of platforms.

Corporate Trainer

Our full-time corporate trainer, Derek Johnson, has over two decades of experience troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining wind and gas turbines, including with the Navy. He recently joined our WWS team, after spending several years as the Wind Energy Technology Instructor at Redstone College in Broomfield, CO.

Derek combines his classroom experience with his extensive technical expertise to provide his students with a world-class learning opportunity.