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25.5 GW

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U.S. Sites Serviced

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Panels Washed

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Panels Replaced, Repaired & Recycled

A Nationwide
Service Leader in Solar Operations & Maintenance

We are a leader in commercial and utility-scale solar services. We provide solar operations and maintenance to a diversified client portfolio of companies, including some of the largest solar projects in the world.

& Seamless Services

We offer cost-effective service solutions and team configurations customized to meet the demands of each client and project. Whether you need a fully outsourced O&M crew on an ongoing basis or on-demand crews for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and repair activities, our highly trained teams are ready to deliver services that seamlessly integrate into your organization.

Construction Circle


  • Quick response teams following natural disasters (fire, hail, tornado)
  • Large scale wire management or retrofit programs
  • PV panel upgrade and replacement
  • PV recycling
Field Maintenance Circle

Field Maintenance

  • PV panel cleaning and mirror washing
  • Troubleshooting and call-out services
  • Thermal imaging and diagnostics
  • Scheduled/unscheduled maintenance and repair
  • Electrical installation and testing (AC/DC) low and medium voltage
Inverter Specialist Circle

Inverter Specialist

  • OEM trained Technicians
  • Troubleshooting and call-out services
  • Component and firmware upgrades
  • Design modifications and retrofits
  • Vendor and warranty management
  • Spare part inventory
Retrofit/Repower Circle


  • Design modifications and retrofits
  • Electrical retrofits
  • Mechanical components
  • Welding services retrofits
  • Electrical/mechanical install and repair
  • Quick response teams following natural disasters (fire, hurricane, hail, tornado)
  • Spare part procurement
  • Supply chain and inventory management and logistics
Land Management Circle

Land Management

  • Mowing services
  • Chemical weed abatement
  • Dust control
  • Soil stabilization
  • Re-vegetation
  • Groundskeeping
  • Erosion control, prevention, and repair

Our Emergency Response Services

Our nationwide team ensures your solar sites are compliant and equipped for maximum output with our solar panel removal and recycling program.

  • Disaster recovery
  • Solar panel and array removal
  • Solar panel and array recycling
  • Panel replacement
  • Panel cleaning
  • IR scanning
  • IV curve tracing
  • Recommissioning
  • Certification of destruction











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