solar panel cleaning - WWS provides solar panel cleaning for utility-scale solar farms

Solar Panel Cleaning for Utility-Scale Solar Farms

Regular solar panel cleaning at your solar farm can greatly improve energy output. Dirt, debris, and bird droppings negatively impact a panel’s energy production. If your farm is in a region that regularly experiences rainfall, the grime left behind when rain evaporates also poses threats to energy output.

World Wind & Solar provides utility-scale solar panel cleaning solutions for solar farms. WWS uses a special cleaning formula and customized power washers to carefully and efficiently clean acres of pv panels.

WWS panel cleaning crews are graduates of our Inspection of Watch program, a WWS developed training that cross-trains our land crews with solar O&M skills so they can act as another set of eyes in the field and help mitigate equipment failures before they happen. WWS can work with your current O&M vendor or fully manage your solar panel cleaning.

solar panel cleaning - WWS provides solar panel cleaning solutions


  • Efficient cleaning that reduces component downtime
  • Water procurement for washing
  • Conversion of well-water into demineralized and deionized water for spot free cleaning
  • Customized power washers that protect solar equipment
  • Customized cleaning formulas that are non-hazardous and safe for the environment

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