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We are a solar O&M company offering cost-effective services and crew staffing for commercial and large scale Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal Energy (STE) farms in North America. 

Solar O&M Services


  • Electrical inspection, testing, repair, and replacement (low and medium voltage 35kv)
  • Welding (ARC, MIG, TIG, all metals)
  • Scheduled maintenance cycles and corrective maintenance
  • Large and small corrective
  • Design modifications and retrofits
  • Inverter and transformer preventative maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Transformer testing
  • VLF circuit testing
5 Land Management Pitfalls Affecting Solar Projects

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Customized Solar O&M and Solar Farm Solutions

WWS staffing capabilities, covering all project lifecycle phases including construction, commissioning, and in-service tasks, allow us to be your one-stop-shop ready and able to address a comprehensive array of construction, commissioning, operations and land management challenges.

Cost-effective service solutions and team configurations are customized to meet the demands of each project. Whether you need a fully outsourced O&M crew on an ongoing basis, or on demand crews for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and repair activities, our highly trained teams are ready to deliver services that seamlessly integrate into your organization.

CASE STUDY: Solar O&M and Land Management with a 50% Cost Reduction

Location: Southern California | Acreage: 3000 | Energy Capability: 550MW of solar power

solar o&m - WWS provides solar o&m solutions to utility scale solar farms

Initiative #1: Quickly execute solar O&M land management for a utility-scale solar farm so electrical construction could be completed on schedule.

Initiative #2: Develop a vegetation management strategy that allowed the solar farm to stay ahead of schedule, proactively manage 3000 acres of grass and weeds, and save on mowing costs.

A solar farm in Southern California contracted World Wind & Solar (WWS) to handle an immediate need for weed abatement at their 3000-acre utility-scale solar project. Four-foot-tall tumble weeds needed to be quickly cleared from under the panels, the cable trays and the combiner boxes before electricians could complete electrical construction. The weed overgrowth also posed a fire hazard in the dry California heat and was a breeding ground for snakes, spiders and rodents, posing a heightened level of complexity and further mandating immediate removal.

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WWS deployed trained crews with custom commercial mowing equipment and hand tools to mow the entire site, including hundreds of acres of brush and large tumbleweeds. The tumbleweeds were entangled under solar panels and critical equipment, requiring precision cutting from the WWS team. WWS coordinated efforts with the project owner, the O&M team, the construction company and their contracted electricians to ensure all vegetation removal occurred a week ahead schedule, thus allowing the electricians to easily complete connections. solar o&m - WWS provides solar land management and revegetation solutions to a solar farm in CaliforniaAfter the immediate mowing needs were mitigated, further inspection of the site suggested that more land maintenance was necessary if the solar farm wanted to prevent invasive plants like Russian Thistle from taking root. WWS worked with the site solar O&M team to create a vegetation strategy that ensured land maintenance was performed per the project’s conditional use permit. This strategy included the use of patented custom mowing equipment designed and developed by WWS. Our specialized equipment expedited mowing and allowed the O&M team to cut more acres in less time and with less manpower. Because WWS’s equipment is designed to lower manpower needs, health and safety concerns such as heat stroke and heat stress were reduced. Additionally, WWS’s custom equipment controlled the site’s overabundance of Russian Thistle far better than traditional commercial equipment. Another key aspect of the land management strategy was the “Inspection of Watch” program – a WWS-developed methodology that leverages the mowing crew as additional sets of eyes for the solar O&M provider and results in early detection of mechanical or electrical issues in the field. WWS identifies and marks the affected components then reports this to the control room, thus expediting a solution and reducing component downtime. By cross-training our land management crews with general solar O&M skills, WWS has been able to resolve low-impact solar O&M issues while managing manpower and site maintenance responsibilities. This saves the solar O&M team a truck roll and returns the site to full production more quickly. Vegetation maintenance is one of the most important – yet overlooked – aspects of managing a solar farm. Once unwanted plants and the organisms they host gain a foothold on your site, they become difficult to control and negatively impact solar O&M budgets. Additionally, this type of utility-scale land management needs to be handled by professionals because mowing thousands of acres inside energized solar arrays – while navigating solar panels, pylons, tracking systems, electrical cables and other critical site components – is a unique skill set. Since 2015, WWS’s land management expertise has helped this site reach a large degree of success – the new equipment and efficiencies we developed have cut mowing costs by 50% and allowed the site to meet rigorous revegetation requirements. Our dependable equipment and knowledgeable staff have been paramount in protecting all employees and site assets.

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WWS is a leader in utility and commercial scale solar operations and maintenance. We provide services to a diversified client portfolio of companies, including some of the largest

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solar PV and solar thermal projects in the world.

Our Solar division provides safety-trained solar technicians for electrical and mechanical construction, third-party QA/QC inspection, system operations and maintenance and comprehensive land management services.

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As the United State leads the world toward grid parity, keeping construction and operating costs down remains a constant challenge for investors, owners, and IPP’s alike.

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Generating solar power profitably depends heavily on plant performance and the reliability of equipment and related plant components. While free-field power plants today are highly reliable, requiring minimal manpower, production losses from a variety of failure points can dramatically impact electricity production and financial performance. To minimize risk O&M crews must continually monitor key components, conduct scheduled maintenance tasks on time, and urgently respond to unscheduled repairs and unforeseen problems, like weather or soil related issues that threaten assets, the environment, and plant output.

At WWS we deliver cost effective solutions designed to ensure maximum productivity with minimal downtime for our partner clients by cultivating the industry’s best and brightest workforce, utilizing industry best practices for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, conducting site inspections, and diligently monitoring equipment performance and environmental threats to proactively circumvent problems and eliminate downtime risks.

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To consistently deliver peak performance, we employ teams of experienced photovoltaic and thermal solar power professionals equipped with the right tools, training,

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and product expertise including OEM certifications for a broad range of solar components and related utility based technologies and tasks.

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A Solid Portfolio of Project Performance

Our portfolio of solar projects includes solar engagements delivered across North America. View map

U.S. map indicating states with WWS projects

Focus on the Future of Utility Scale Solar Plants

According to SEIA, utility-scale solar plants represented nearly two thirds of market production over the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue through 2017 with a contracted pipeline of projects exceeding 20 gigawatts.

The SEIA expects the U.S. solar industry to install 13.9 GW of capacity by the end of 2016, which is nearly double the amount installed in a record-breaking 2015. Through the end of this decade, there will be robust growth across all three market segments, eventually reaching a 20 GW annual solar market.

WWS – Our Crews are “Here to Serve” the Solar Industry, Today and Long into The Future.


At WWS – Safety is Mandatory. We have developed, and vigorously enforce, comprehensive workplace safety practices that ensure a safe work environment for all. Every employee, staff or crew is required to attend safety training programs

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and be familiar with all OSHA safety regulations and accident prevention procedures.

Our safety initiatives consistently strive to enhance of our safety culture. Ongoing safety awareness is reinforced thru regular safety assessment and risk management efforts.

As a member of numerous safety organizations and auditing programs, WWS is committed to sustaining a world class safety culture, one that always places the highest priority on the safety of our people, the public, the assets we service and the environment.

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Cultivating excellence requires ongoing staff development, education, and hands on training to consistently meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry. We make sure our solar crews are ready today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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WWS training programs keep all crew members up to speed on the latest innovations. Crew members are also recognized and incentivized for professional growth and responsibility.

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Our “Here to Serve” philosophy informs what we do and how we do it, every single day. It ensures that each team member has the tools, training, and expertise to deliver exceptional results for our partner clients on an ongoing or on-demand basis.

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