The Value of Preventative Maintenance

May 2, 2020

A well-maintained wind site or solar far can perform 10-30% better than one that is not.

As the renewable energy industry continues to see solid growth, the goal of each wind site and solar farm remains the same, provide maximum energy output and equipment life, while managing ever-tightening budgets. Often overlooked, the O&M budget is one area where money can be used effectively and efficiently, allowing for long-term expenses to be cut and profits increased.

Although the machinery and equipment differ greatly between the two energy sectors, the benefits of preventative maintenance are the same.

  • Decreases downtime/increases production
  • Increases equipment life (eliminating premature replacement)
  • Improves functionality and reliability of equipment
  • Reduces costly repairs
  • Reduces risk of worker injury

Preventative maintenance is critical to getting the most out of your investment. If a piece of equipment isn’t running properly, it isn’t producing. Lost production means lost revenue. While downtime for servicing is inevitable, preventative maintenance can save time and money in the long run.

Performed on a regular basis, preventative maintenance focuses on keeping equipment running at peak, identifying potential trouble spots before they become an issue, and keeping both repair and staffing costs to a minimum. By comparison, reactive maintenance can lead to unexpected (and unbudgeted) costs for parts and labor, and often requires additional downtime, reducing production and revenue.

There is a clear distinction between controlled, upfront costs from preventive maintenance compared to unexpected costs and financial losses from reactive maintenance. Under-maintained equipment and reactive repairs can cost three to 10 times as much as a good maintenance program. Failing components can impact the health and efficiency of other systems, further increasing expenses and production loss. A well-maintained wind site or solar farm can perform 10-30% better than one that is not. 

World Wind & Solar is a leader in renewable energy maintenance. We have built a reputation for delivering solid maintenance solutions customized to the needs of the project. Our highly trained, safety-minded workforce is ready to help you control your maintenance budget by maximizing your site’s performance.

WWS has wind technicians available for a variety of services, including gearbox and hydraulic oil changes, tower torqueing, base bolt tensioning, annual and semi-annual maintenance, and much more.

Our solar laborers and technicians are ready to perform panel cleaning and mirror washing, vegetation management, inverter servicing, BOS inspection, tracker maintenance, and much more.

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