June 20, 2019

By Nikki Cummings

I remember the first time, my partner in life and business, Buddy Cummings and I laid eyes inside Building 228 in 2015. The former hardware store had been abandoned for more than a decade. From the outside, it was an unattractive grey stucco box with a bright red awning, but the inside revealed two stories of unreinforced brick masonry walls, with stunning bowed truss ceilings. It was a visionary’s sight to behold. A true “diamond in the rough.”

As we started to do our research we quickly learned that the 109-year-old building with unreinforced brick masonry walls and bowed truss ceilings meant that a great deal of seismic retrofitting would be required to bring the building to code rendering the project more affordable as a teardown than a viable restoration project. With heavy hearts we shelved our dream of restoring the building and started considering other options of new construction and other potential remodels. Being the romantics that we are, we just kept coming back to Building 228. We found a construction team who were confident in the restoration requirements and moved forward with the purchase in April 2018. Construction begin that following September and World Wind & Solar (WWS) received notification to occupy on May 1st of this year!

The new WWS Headquarters under construction

The new WWS Headquarters under construction

Prior to relocating the WWS Field Support Team occupied a double-wide office trailer, a single-wide trailer, an office space in town, and some space in the shop serving our West Coast Operations.  Now, we’re blessed that our 22-person Tehachapi team is all in one space, with room to grow!  We still have multiple support team members stationed in throughout the country as well.  We have a 14,000 square foot facility that serves as our corporate headquarters and training university.

Inside the training center at the new WWS Headquarters

One of the labs inside the new WWS Headquarters

The WWS University is a hands-on training center consisting of classrooms, labs and shop space that brags simulators, multiple inverters, a GE 1.5 turbine, a second turbine being installed for training shortly, and much more.  No other Independent Service Provider has invested in, and accomplished, what WWS has in the past 12 years.  I have had the honor of being with this team every step of the way.  We’ve grinded, established critical partnerships, innovated and kept putting one foot in front of the other when times were good and when times were tough.  This team has never lost sight of our Mission of being:  Here to Serve and our Purpose to:  Be the Industry Standard for Safety and Excellence in Service, by Training, Equipping and Deploying an Elite Workforce who are Here to Serve.  

We are grateful for the functionality and continued momentum our new space brings, but most importantly we are grateful for the good people doing the hard work each and every day here in the office, and out in the field, and for the clients who believe in our team!  Thank you!

The new conference room

One of the new classrooms