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About World Wind & Solar (WWS)

World Wind & Solar (WWS) is a leader in the renewable energy sector. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, we have built a stellar reputation based on our consistent delivery of exceptional services and solutions for our clients.

Customized Programs for Wind & Solar Power

From large scale wind and solar to small scale local utility projects, we design service programs customized to meet your business and operating objectives.

From basic land management and O&M to complex construction or repair challenges, we are here to solve problems, meet challenging deadlines, address emergencies, and provide ideal outcomes for our valued clients.

World Class Safety Culture

At WWS – Safety is Mandatory. We have developed, and vigorously enforce, comprehensive workplace safety practices that ensure a safe work environment for all. Every employee, staff or crew is required to attend safety training programs and be familiar with all OSHA safety regulations and accident prevention procedures.

As a member of numerous safety organizations and auditing programs, WWS is committed to sustaining a world class safety culture, one that always places the highest priority on the safety of our people, the public, and the environment.

World Class SafetyOur safety initiatives consistently strive to enhance of our safety culture. Ongoing safety awareness is reinforced through regular safety assessment and risk management efforts.

Our training center ensures all crew members are properly trained prior to deployment. Onsite, our teams are monitored and incentivized to exercise all safety regulations and accident prevention procedures with no exceptions and zero tolerance for violating safety practices.

At a minimum, each technician has the following training: Rescue Certification, AED, CPR/First Aid, NFPA70e, OSHA-10. And all WWS team members undergo physicals and drug testing as a condition of employment. Click here to learn more about our safety culture.

Here to Serve

It’s not just a tag line. It’s our culture and the core philosophy that informs what we do and how we do it, every single day!

Partnering with renewable power companies, we understand the enormous faith and trust placed in WWS. Our “Here To Serve” philosophy consistently drives outstanding results for our clients, our staff, and our company – together we rise with pride, based on substantial outcomes; the result of doing what is good, what is right, and even sometimes what seems impossible – safely.

Expertise and Innovation

Our People are the Best in the Business.

Cultivating excellence requires ongoing staff development, education, and hands on training to consistently meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry. We make sure our crews are ready today, tomorrow and well in the future.

Renewable Energy Crews

At WWS it isn’t business as usual here. It’s business unusual. This is a service business that relies on solution oriented staffing that has the experience and know-how to meet a variety of tasks from mundane to mission critical, safely – our staff is ready, and always “Here to Serve.”

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