October 29, 2018

Your business relies on quality work and reputation to not only survive in a competitive environment, but to thrive. So, when you look to hire an Independent Service Provider (ISP), you want to ensure that they live up to the standards you have set for yourself and your business. As you navigate the seemingly endless options that are out there to choose from, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for warning signs—indicators that certain ISPs don’t quite fit the bill. To help you with that arduous task, we’ve put together a list of 5 dangers to avoid when selecting an ISP.

independent service provider - World Wind & Solar is a solar and wind independent service provider

A robust safety record is important when hiring an Independent Service Provider

1. Poor Safety Record
Any business, especially one that deals with technical equipment, should have appropriate safety precautions in place to minimize potential injury. This should, at the very least, include thorough training to reduce the risk of on-the-job injury—including an extreme familiarity with the equipment that will be involved—and protocols to follow should an injury occur. Selecting an Independent Service Provider (ISP) that does not have these precautions and training in place can compromise your safety record and lead to injury to your own employees, and potentially far worse. Often, safety programs are taken for granted, but when selecting an ISP, it is important to never assume.

2. Inadequate Qualifications
One of the most important Independent Service Provider traits to be aware of is qualifications. This may be as simple of digging deep into their training, past successes or failures, and experience, but it could also be a bit more complicated. For example, if they are being asked to do technical sanctioned work, you need to not only make sure they are skilled in the area but that they hold the proper permits and verifications from the correct authorities. Allowing someone who is not qualified to provide service for you can result in improper and potentially dangerous execution of a job, yes, but it can also lead to legal issues that are a financial headache and immense drain on your time and resources.

3. Lack of Technical Experience
Hand-in-hand with an ISP’s qualification is their technical experience in the area of service they provide. While experience does not necessarily equate quality, it does inspire confidence. Perhaps more importantly, it implies that they have been successful enough in their field to continually find work over an extended period of time. This experiential knowledge may not give them a technical leg up on an inexperienced competitor, but it does mean they have likely encountered more complex issues and had to adapt accordingly. Again, this should inspire confidence—if two ISPs have the same training, it is often best to choose the one with more technical experience.

independent service provider - World Wind & Solar is a solar and wind independent service provider

Look for an Independent Service Provider that puts its technicians through a rigorous training program

4. Insufficient Technician Training
While experiential knowledge is a vital trait to consider when selecting an Independent Service Provider, technical training cannot be overlooked, especially in a highly-specialized field. Ensuring that their training is industry and equipment specific is an absolute must. As equipment and the job it performs grows more and more complex, the training to install, service, and repair it also increases in complexity and intensity—there is no room for shortcuts. It is far better to pay the price for premium service than to cut corners and end up with an ISP that is not properly trained. Not only will you not have peace of mind, you may end up with substantial financial loss due to lackluster or improper service.

5. Vague or Non-Existent Reporting
An ISP should keep service reports that are detailed and organized. They should accurately document all jobs done and exchanges made. Perhaps most importantly, they should track billing precisely and with the correct supporting documents. In other words, professional paperwork is a necessity when dealing with an ISP. Further, you want to ensure the ISP you are working with presents themselves in a professional manner when representing you to your clients. While these traits may be a bit difficult to explicitly find, be sure to do your homework by looking at client reviews and other available information that can indicate professionalism.

Independent Service Provider Dangers and You: How You Can Avoid Them

When an ISP works on your site, they are representing you. So, while the relationship you have with them is of utmost importance, the most vital part of that relationship is the assurance that they uphold the standards you have for your business and its reputation. From safety and technical skill to how you are perceived by your current and potential clients, the quality of an ISP goes beyond the job it is performing. For your ISP needs, make sure you select someone with experience, knowledge, a fantastic safety record, and a professional reputation.

World Wind & Solar is precisely that—a well-rounded and trustworthy ISP who can provide you with high-quality work and a professional relationship. For more information on how WWS can best serve you, view our Wind Farm O&M page, our Utility-Scale Solar Services page, or contact us for a free consultation.